How The New ‘Colony’ Movie Is Taking on The “The Twilight Saga” Franchise

How The New ‘Colony’ Movie Is Taking on The “The Twilight Saga” Franchise

From the creator of the original Twilight franchise, this sequel to the 2014 film is shaping up to be even more than its predecessor.

The first movie was critically acclaimed, earning rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

It took on the Twilight saga’s central themes of love and betrayal and, while it didn’t make as much money as its predecessor, it was the first time that a Disney-backed movie had been able to make that kind of impact.

Now, it looks like we can expect the same kind of success to be the case for The Colony.

We caught up with co-writer and producer Scott Buck for a chat about his vision for the sequel and what audiences should expect to see in the film.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re watching this:As far as the trailer goes, it’s an homage to the original trilogy.

The main difference is that it’s in 2D, which is where the movie is set.

We’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to keep the scale and feel of the 3D.

We really want to keep that scale and that feel, but it’s all about making sure that it is something that you can’t get tired of.

It’s going to be like the original movie.

You’re going back to the same people, same places, same times.

You are going to find a whole bunch of things you never found before.

You can see all of the old places and the old things that you would’ve never seen.

The whole thing is going to feel familiar.

There are a lot of new places.

We have a lot to show.

We’ve got to find new ways to bring things into this new world.

It’s going be very different than the original.

We’re going into this with the expectation that the movie will be good, but that the first movie is going be amazing.

We want to make sure that when people see this, they’re going, “Wow, that was amazing.

This was a movie that I was expecting to see, but I was surprised.”

It will feel new and exciting, but also familiar.

What you’re going for is an original story that feels like it was done before.

This is the first film that has an origin story that’s tied to this universe.

I think it’s really exciting for the audience to go back and see this world.

I’m not saying it’s going at the same pace as the first.

We know that this is going at a different pace than the first, so the audience will be able to see it at their own pace.

You’re going there in a universe where there is a new alien race that is called the Colonists, which means “children of the sun.”

They are very different from the other races that have inhabited the galaxy before.

They have a very advanced technology and a very strong faith in their leader.

What will that leader do when he learns that his people are being hunted by a mysterious new race of beings called the Colonists?

The Colony is not a race, but a society that has come to the planet.

It starts out with the people who were wiped out by the Empire.

The people are going through a very traumatic time.

They’re very angry about this.

They are living in a place that has been destroyed by the military.

But what happens when they discover that there is something much bigger and more powerful than what they thought they were?

What you do is bring back these people, but you’re bringing back the kind of people that were on the planet and the way they were raised.

It will be different, but there will be a very familiar feel to it.

It has to feel like this is a world that has already existed and existed before the war, and it’s just going to take a very different direction.

There’s a lot more of that stuff to talk about.

We are going into the story of the Colonia.

It starts out as a group of people, and they start out as little groups of people and they are then thrown into a big struggle.

There are different people on the colony, and the Colony is going through the same things that the Empire is going.

The colony is divided up into different factions.

The Colony has a different philosophy about how it’s built.

There is a lot that’s different about the Colony that will be interesting.

We can’t talk too much about it.

We have a bunch of different stories and characters.

We don’t know what’s going on with the Colony yet.

There’s a little bit of a mystery there.

We’ll learn a little more about it over the next few weeks.

We got the crew together and they’ve got their own story that we’re really excited to see.

It is a really interesting story.

I want to give a lot credit to the crew that did the first one. It was a

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