L.K. Advani’s tv series ‘The Legend of Zorro’ on hiatus

L.K. Advani’s tv series ‘The Legend of Zorro’ on hiatus

L. K. Advans tv series The Legend of Xorro, which starred Anurag Kashyap, has been put on indefinite hiatus due to its poor ratings.

It is being cancelled for the next few weeks due to low ratings and poor quality of the production, the actor’s rep said in a statement.

The drama, which was aired on a network which does not release ratings, had a 2.4 rating on IBN and had a rating of 7.8.

The actor had previously said that he was planning to film a new movie next year.

While the series has not been cancelled, Advans’ other film, ‘Kadabhai Hai’, has also been put off for the time being.

The actor has been planning to shoot a movie next month.

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