How Greek TV series is helping women in the workforce

How Greek TV series is helping women in the workforce

Greek TV shows such as Thea, Elisa and Kostas are helping to inspire young women to become doctors and engineers.

A new series called GREEK TELEVISION is also helping them to achieve success in their careers.

The show follows the rise of three women in Greek society: Elisa, the leader of the popular group of women from the island of Lesbos, Kostos, who has been a doctor for more than 20 years, and Kallios, a software engineer.

Kostans career in science was boosted by her father who was a former astronaut and her mother who worked in IT.

Elisa is the first Greek woman to become a doctor and is one of the first women to be granted a degree in the country.

She said: “I am proud of my work and my achievements.

I am also honoured by being the first woman in Greece to earn a doctorate in medical science.”

She said her mother was a teacher, a nurse and a doctor.

Elisabeth, a 28-year-old accountant, has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years and she said she had achieved a lot in her life and career.

Kallos is a software programmer who started his career as an engineer.

Kostas, who works for a Greek company that specializes in developing medical equipment, is also a software developer.

He said he had achieved his dream of becoming a doctor in medical school.

“It has helped me a lot,” he said.

The series is called Thea and the first of its kind in Greece.

It follows the lives of three young women in a Greek city as they learn to become physicians, engineers and scientists.

Thea is a 28 year-old IT programmer and the founder of a company that designs medical devices.

She is married to a doctor from the same university who helped her get a degree.

Kallos, a 26-year old accountant who works in a small software company, has studied in the UK and has worked in London since 2011.

He said he wanted to be a doctor so he could help his mother and sisters.

“I love medicine and I love the city of Lesko,” he told the BBC.

“When I started working, it was not an option for me to go back to the UK.”

Kostans mother also studied in England.

She started her career as a software consultant and her father, a former space scientist, worked in the United States.

Kathrin, who is a member of the GREEGK TEEN MOVEMENT, said the series helped young people feel empowered and included diverse viewpoints.

“We want to create the image of our country as an open and welcoming place for all people, not just those with money,” she said.

“In our programme, young women share their stories and experiences, as well as what life is like for young people from different backgrounds.”

The programme will also help young women realise their dreams.

Kalliis mother said she wanted to become an engineer to help her father to achieve a better future.

“My mother wants to get a PhD in engineering.

She wants to become the best doctor that she can be and to contribute to society,” she told the programme.”

Her dream is to become like me and get her PhD. I hope she can become a great doctor, because she is very ambitious.”

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