Rosewood TV series: How do we keep the peace with our characters?

Rosewood TV series: How do we keep the peace with our characters?

Rosewood, Michigan (CNN) — A new TV series about a community that has been fighting a war on its own for generations has been greenlit.

The new show, Rosewood: The Lost Colony, is set in the fictional town of Rosewood in Michigan, where the story of a new family trying to save its members from an apocalyptic plague has captivated millions.

The show is co-created by Rosewood resident Chris Coyle, who is also a writer and executive producer on the original series, and John Bledsoe, who has written for the CW series “The Flash.”

The story revolves around Rosewood’s warring clans, who have formed a band of friends, the Lost Colony.

The story is set during a zombie outbreak, with the survivors trying to protect themselves from the threat posed by a plague called Zombicide.

Rosewood is home to a population of at least 7,000 people, which the show notes has been on the rise for several decades.

The show is described by co-creator Chris Cope as a “comedy-drama” in which Rosewood takes place in a fictionalized version of the American West.

Cope says the show will have the “same comedic tone, but in a much more realistic world.”

“We’re very aware that this is a small community, but it’s so far outside the norm, and it’s just as much a testament to the power of community as it is to the people who live here,” Cope told CNN.

“The Lost Colony is really a group of people who are trying to survive together in a warzone, and the people they’ve created, the people that are in Rosewood are their family, and they’ve become a little bit of a band, and there’s a little rebellion within that.”

Rosewood: Lost Colony will air on Lifetime, Lifetime Networks and TBS beginning on May 1.

Cope, who lives in Los Angeles, also wrote and directed the series, which is the brainchild of Roseville, Mich., resident Adam Teller.

Teller is also the co-executive producer of the original show.

The new series will be produced by Lifetime’s L.A. production group.

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