What is ‘damages’?

What is ‘damages’?

What is a ‘damaged’ show?

In the past year, shows that were critically and commercially successful in India and the UK have been hit with lawsuits, defamation suits, and legal action.

What makes a damaged show?

Damages in India are often used to indicate that the show has no merit or that the makers should be banned. 

What is a show that is “damaged”?

A ‘damaging’ show is one that has not yet been reviewed by the media, and has been widely reported.

This includes shows such as the recent series of ‘Boomerang’ or ‘The Wire’ or shows such a ‘Gotham’ or the upcoming ‘The Night Of’.

In India, shows with ratings below the average or with only minor ratings such as ‘Babu’ and ‘Baba Bapu’ have not been considered “damages” because they have not yet received ratings.

The show was rated as PG for violence and for the language, and was banned by the FCC.

However, the show is still widely available on Netflix, where it has been rated PG and available in most parts of India.

A show is considered ‘damagable’ if it has a negative impact on the consumer, the business environment or the society. 

How do I report a damaged series?

As per the Indian government, there are three types of damage reports.

The first is a formal complaint filed by a producer or a channel or a distributor in the country’s broadcasting regulator, the CABP. 

A second type of complaint is filed by the channel itself, either through an agency or by a consumer. 

The third type of damage report is a complaint made by the producer. 

If the complaint is deemed valid, the regulator can then order a review of the show by the CAG, the Indian Commission for Television and Radio (ICTR), a body of experts in broadcasting and the law.

According to the CAA, it takes a ‘final decision’ in about two weeks and the regulator cannot issue a final order to stop the show before the regulator has had time to complete its review.

If the regulator decides to issue a ban, it is possible that a new show will be banned and the producers and distributors will have to apply for permission from the regulator.

In a recent case, the Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the CACI in the case of ‘Nirbhaya’, a crime drama set in India. 

In the recent case of Nirbhaya, the court ordered the channel to pay Rs 2.5 crore to a woman, who had been raped by her brother-in-law and had gone to a hospital to have a rape kit performed. 

According to the Supreme Court, the decision was taken based on the information provided by the woman’s family and a report by a police officer who was also a complainant in the rape case. 

However, according to the court, the case has now been reopened after the woman filed a new complaint.

 The CAA said the show’s ratings and ratings were still ‘damageable’. 

How does the CBA handle complaints?

In cases of ‘damas’, the regulator, known as the CCA, is responsible for taking up the case and taking legal advice.

It can take action either against the producers or the channels.

How do they deal with complaints of ‘disgrace’ and/or ‘deplorable’?

According the CFAI, the agency will send a letter to the show producer and the channel informing them that they have committed ‘damagin’ or “deplorables’ and that the action will be taken.

The letter will ask them to come to the regulator’s office and present their complaints.

It will also ask them for the ‘proceedings’ of the proceedings, the complaint and any further details of the complaint. 

 How will the CAF react?

The CAB is a panel that deals with complaints by the producers of TV and radio shows. 

It takes up the complaint from the producers, the channel and the COO, if any.

The CAA will conduct a thorough investigation and report its findings to the Commission for the Commissioning and Promotion of Television (COPT). 

The Commission for TV and Radio Programming (CPRP) handles complaints about the quality of programming in India, including complaints by producers of shows.

The CJIS is the regulator of the CATI and the CATP.

It is headed by a retired judge, the last CAC.

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