How to watch the ‘Colony’ series on Netflix

How to watch the ‘Colony’ series on Netflix

In a twist on the popular sci-fi TV series, the new Netflix series, “Colony,” stars a ragtag group of explorers from around the world, including “Star Trek” veterans like Harrison Ford, William Shatner and James T. Kirk.

“Colonies” is set to premiere on Netflix on March 28.

“There are a lot of stories in this series that are just so beautiful, and they’re so heartbreaking, and we just want to capture those stories on Netflix, because they are so relatable,” said Shatners “Colonel” in a statement.

Ford, Shatnor, Kirk and Ford’s wife and son, “Kirk,” also star.

The series follows a rag-tag group from India, Japan, Australia, the United States, India, Canada and England that is on a mission to discover the secret to immortality.

The show also stars Tom Hanks, Maggie Smith and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

It was written by “Colonial” executive producer and star J.J. Abrams.

Netflix has released a new trailer for “Colonia,” showing Harrison Ford playing the character of a young explorer on a trek through an ancient Indian city.

The first trailer for the series, which is based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, features a scene where Ford is walking with a group of Native Americans.

The new series is a sequel to “Colonies” that ran for nine seasons on Amazon and Netflix.

Shatrons “Colonis” is a brand new Netflix original series, based on the classic novel “The Colony” by Philip E. Dick.

It follows the adventures of a group that is searching for the ancient city of “Colona,” the last outpost of humanity.

The characters, led by “Captain” William Shattner, have to cross the world searching for what is lost there.

They are called the “Colons,” after the “colon” is the Latin word for colony.

The “Coloni” are a race of humanoid beings that resemble small, round creatures that resemble a humanoid and have a very strong sense of smell and taste.

They live in colonies of hundreds or thousands of people and have their own language.

The book is also a classic sci-Fi series about the exploration of a hostile alien world and the struggle to survive.

Shattners “colonies” was adapted for the screen by writer and producer David Ellison.

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