‘Flashpoint’ TV series to get rebooted in 2018

‘Flashpoint’ TV series to get rebooted in 2018

After eight seasons of paranormal romance and mystery, a reboot of the Flashpoint TV series is being eyed for the 2020s.

According to THR, producers will have a rebooted version of the show to shoot in 2019, followed by a new one in 2020.

The new series is currently filming in Australia, with plans to move the shoot to the U.K. in the next year.

In a statement to THR earlier this year, Warner Bros. Entertainment President of Original Programming David Ellison said that while the reboot would be the first for the series, the studio was also eyeing a second one.

“Flashpoint is a beloved TV series, with over 8 million viewers in its original series and a new Flashpoint, which will be released in 2020, will take the series into a new direction,” Ellison said in the statement.

“We are excited about the potential for a second series, but the original series remains the most widely-watched of the series.”