Why do you watch TV shows with outcasts?

Why do you watch TV shows with outcasts?

I started watching TV shows for the people who aren’t watching TV for the sake of it, and I ended up loving the people in those shows more than I did.

I think there’s a real need to tell stories that don’t just tell the story of an average person, but the stories of people who are outliers, who are different, and are in some cases, marginalized.

I also think there are a lot of people out there who watch the same shows for a lot less money than they should, but who want to tell those stories.

And the same people, the same voices, want to be heard.

Outcast is a podcast that focuses on the experiences of people whose voices are silenced, who live in marginal places, or whose stories are suppressed in other ways.

The first episode, “Outcast,” is here: This episode, I talk about the privilege that people like me have in this country and how we’re not allowed to be outcasts in this society.

We’re not, we’re supposed to be part of the group, the minority, or something.

And I talk a little bit about the difference between people who identify as queer and queer-identified people and people who don’t, because in this world, the definitions of queer are defined by what you look like and what you smell.

The other thing I talk to people about is the invisibility of queer people in the mainstream media, and how that’s very much a legacy of the war on drugs, which has been a very bad thing, and of institutionalized racism and the way that police violence against people of color, particularly Black people, is often used to justify police brutality.

I talked about how, for people of Color, there’s no greater danger that we face than a police officer who’s shooting at us, or an armed guard at our door, or the person who is mentally ill, who may not even be violent, who is probably in the wrong place at the wrong time, and who has the intent of harming people.

I’ve also talked about the fact that the invisibilization of Black people is the same thing, in the same way that we’re invisible to White people.

Outcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher.