When Will I Get My Baskets?

When Will I Get My Baskets?

BaskETS is a series of TV shows about the borgias.

Here is the synopsis:BaskETS follows a group of borgi families as they live on a small island.

Each family has their own problems and their own dreams.

Each borg is different, but all have the same desire to go home and be loved by their family.

What starts as a simple show about a group’s daily lives is quickly transformed into a fascinating drama with twists, turns, and unexpected twists.

What’s more, each borg family has a secret.

A secret that could ruin their very existence.

Themes: family,family tragedy,family secrets,family love,family lifeThe borgis have the most secret of all, their secret.

They are borgies, and their secret is the secret of the bazaar.

Baskets is currently in production and will premiere in 2018.

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