Which is better: batman or bette?

Which is better: batman or bette?

Two episodes from a new anime series from Japan that features the Batmanga hero have been made available online.

The first episode of Batmangia is called Batmangei: Batmanger (Batman’s Big Adventure), and the second episode is titled Batmangers: Bette!

(Bette’s Big Game).

The first and second episodes of the series will be released in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese on October 11, and in the other languages later on.

The series follows the adventures of Bette, a high school student with the ability to control the energy of her surroundings.

As Batmapper, Bette is given a special power to make anyone around her in her surroundings appear bat-like, including herself.

Bette becomes a member of the Batwoman gang and is later rescued by Batman.

Bette, who also serves as the main character in the series, is voiced by Risa Ishikawa in the English dub and by Keiichi Murase in the Japanese dub.

In addition, the series also stars:Yuya Sugiyama (Battlestar Galactica), Kenji Kawazu (Gintama), Shota Nakanishi (The World God Only Knows), and Yui Katoh (Sword Art Online).

Source: Comic Natalie

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