Watchmen TV series: Who will play who?

Watchmen TV series: Who will play who?

NEW YORK — Watchmen TV Series: Who Will Play Who?

By Matt O’BrienPublished Feb 13, 2019 07:45:25New York — The first two episodes of the Watchmen television series are set to debut this weekend, and the first trailer has been released.

The first episode, titled “A New Generation,” will be directed by Michael Mayer, who is best known for directing “Brick,” “Dirty Grandpa,” “The Big Short” and “The Social Network.”

Watchmen will be the first television series to be shot entirely on location in New York City.

The second episode, “The Last Laugh,” will feature the return of star Paul Bettany as the character who once had a secret identity and is now known as “The Man in Black.”

Watchmen will also be a reboot of the comic book series from which the series was inspired, the Watchman comics.

WatchMen TV Series will be available exclusively on Netflix starting Feb. 18.

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