Is the rise of the TV series industry a sign of the coming of age of Israeli television?

Is the rise of the TV series industry a sign of the coming of age of Israeli television?

The rise of television in Israel is a sign that the era of linear television is over, and the new era of television is one of digital, and that it is only the digital age that is different from the old era of print media.

In a recent interview with the Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, Israeli President Shimon Peres said that in the past, the “old paradigm” of television was that there was only one type of medium that was broadcast and that the format was linear television.

The format of linear TV was also based on the idea that one would need to get all of one’s friends to watch a single program, and then have the show broadcast on television for a long time.

This format also relied on a very old technology: a broadcast studio.

And so, for the last 50 years, there has been a steady, steady decline in the number of stations that could broadcast television in the country.

And that’s a very good thing because television was one of the most important media forms that existed in the state.

In this era, the most interesting thing is that the new format of television, which is called digital television, is the one that will have a real impact on the entire media sector.

According to Yediath Ahronoths findings, this new technology allows for more flexibility in programming than was previously possible.

This means that there will be more opportunities to introduce new ideas, and to create new genres of programming.

Accordingly, Peres has said that he is convinced that digital television will have an impact on Israeli society.

The new digital television format will also provide more opportunities for young people to engage with the media and create a new culture of entertainment.

The new television medium has brought new opportunities for creativity and new opportunities to create the future that the people of Israel want.

It will also help to bring about a new generation of Israelis.

The most exciting aspect of digital television is that there are two different ways to broadcast television.

There are traditional broadcast stations that have been around for generations and there are new broadcasters that are now emerging.

The traditional broadcast station will broadcast television programs and the digital television station will be able to offer new programming and new channels to viewers.

The digital television channel will be an alternative to traditional television and will be a way for young viewers to consume television.

And that’s very exciting, because the digital channel will give viewers a way to participate in the creation of a new, digital, media.

In other words, the channel will become a source of inspiration for young audiences.

In fact, the digital channels will be different than traditional broadcast channels in that they will be created from the ground up and are designed for viewers who are not only looking for programming, but also for new shows and new genres that they are interested in.

For example, the channels will offer a variety of programming, and they will have more variety and new programming.

The format of digital TV will also give viewers more choice in the kinds of programs they can watch.

It should be noted that the digital TV channels will have no content restrictions and they can stream the shows on their mobile devices.

The future of televisionIn the next year, Peresh said that the next two years will be very important for the development of the Israeli television industry.

And for the next ten years, Perez will be leading the government’s efforts to increase the production of television stations.

Peres said during his speech that television was the best medium for broadcasting information, and it was important for young Israelis to become more engaged in the media.

And he also said that it was imperative that the state promote television in a way that would allow people to understand the content and the messages and the values that are being presented.

The next decade will be critical for the growth of the television industry in Israel.

The government is also planning to make TV available to everyone on demand.

The first digital TV stations will be available in the summer of 2019.

In addition to new channels and new formats, the government is considering several other measures that will help to improve the quality of television programming in Israel, such as increasing the number and variety of programs that can be aired, developing new types of programming that will appeal to different demographic groups, expanding the range of digital channels, increasing the availability of digital content, and creating new types and genres of programs.

The next two decades will also be very interesting for the young people who are watching television, said Peres.

Because they will become the next generation of Israeli viewers.

For the first time in the history of Israeli broadcasting, the country will have digital channels available to the public.

The prime minister said that this digital channel is called Digital TV.

It is designed to be an online portal for the public to access the latest news, information and information that they can access in real time.

The Digital TV channel will have channels and channels and it will have categories and categories. And it

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