Aussie cricket team’s first game in 10 years goes ahead as glitches in broadcast delay bring down games

Aussie cricket team’s first game in 10 years goes ahead as glitches in broadcast delay bring down games

Australian cricket has made the first game of its season in 10 decades after a series of glitches in its broadcast delay forced the first scheduled match in 10 days.

A crowd of more than 80,000 watched the team’s opening match at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday, the third game of the three-Test series that ends on Wednesday.

The game at the Oval was delayed for almost three hours on Saturday and Sunday due to technical problems with a replay system that allowed the players to watch their side score runs.

The problems were resolved after the second game of a four-day series on Sunday but the team is not expected to play again until Tuesday.

Australian Cricket is set to resume the two-Test matches on Wednesday, after a day off due to a virus pandemic in Australia, but the first fixture of the series has been delayed because of the problems with the replay system.

The Adelaide Oval was packed on Sunday with the Adelaide Football Club and the Adelaide Raiders.

“We’re very pleased with the response we’ve received from the Adelaide Cricket Club and our fans,” Cricket Australia chief executive David Richardson said.

“They’ve been amazing in their support of us.

They’ve been fantastic with their support and we’re really proud of the way they’ve been able to provide the support for us.”

The team had planned to start the second day of the tour on Friday, but was forced to abandon plans because of a lack of spectators.

The team was due to take part in the final match of the Adelaide Test Series on Tuesday and Wednesday, but postponed their return to Adelaide until next week due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A series of delays in the broadcast of the second match of an Adelaide Test against the West Australian Lions in the first match of a series that ended in a draw caused a number of fans to boycott the game.

Cricket Australia has already been forced to cancel the first Test against England in Sydney on Saturday after a technical fault.

The first match was scheduled to be played in Adelaide on Monday but was postponed due to what the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) said was a technical error that forced it to be delayed for more than three hours.

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