The ‘Happy’ TV series is on Netflix

The ‘Happy’ TV series is on Netflix

A new Netflix series about a happy Christian family is coming soon.

The show, titled Happy, is based on the book Happy Days by Stephen King, and will be released on October 18.

The book tells the story of a young Christian couple who have a daughter, and who are looking for her a new name.

But they find a baby girl who they believe is a girl.

The couple’s son, who was born in the same year, has no name.

So the family name becomes a new title, “The Girl in Blue.”

The show will also have an ending, which is set in 2019, and the main character’s name is “Bobby.”

This ending is not yet set in stone.

“There are some elements that we haven’t really set in place,” executive producer and showrunner Josh Weinstein said.

“It’s still up in the air, but it is definitely something that we are excited about.”

“Happy” is the first new series for Netflix in three years, which the streaming service announced in April.

The streaming service also has several shows it recently announced, including “Totally Biased” (September 25), “The Good Wife” (October 7), “House of Cards” (November 15), and “The Americans” (December 19).

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