When Trump’s new sheriff, Chris Christie, is sworn in

When Trump’s new sheriff, Chris Christie, is sworn in

Christie is sworn-in as New Jersey’s state attorney general.

The president, who’s in his first term, was sworn in Thursday at the governor’s mansion in Trenton, N.J. Christie, who is expected to be sworn in early next week, was first elected in 2018.

Christie was the first governor in New Jersey to be reelected to the office.

Christie has taken a combative approach to Trump in recent months, taking a series of executive orders that have been seen as a major departure from Trump’s policies.

He has also taken to the White House briefing room with Trump, including a January meeting with Trump.

Christie said during the press conference that he has been “on the road for the last two weeks,” which he said is “a lot longer than a typical day.”

The governor was sworn into office in 2017.

The governor and Trump have not spoken since the inauguration.

Christie will be the third governor to be appointed by Trump.

He took office in January 2018, and he is the first in a string of governors who have taken office after the president’s inauguration.

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