How Netflix will make its first television show in India

How Netflix will make its first television show in India

The streaming service, which has just a fraction of its original content and is only available in a handful of countries, has been eyeing India as a possible destination to launch its first scripted series.

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings said at a recent investor conference that the company is “trying to be the next big place to bring TV shows” to India. 

“It’s going to take some time,” he added. 

Hastings made it clear that the next Netflix show will be a Netflix series, but not the Netflix series of the future. 

The original show was the original “BingeOn,” a series of shows that Netflix made for people who want to binge-watch TV. 

Netflix’s original series have since expanded to include the popular HBO series “True Detective” and “Stranger Things.” 

Hasteings, however, has said that he is focused on building a service that works for the Indian market. 

He also said the company was focused on being the best service for Indian customers, not a competitor. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, Hastings also said that Netflix is “working on” adding more shows for the “bundles.” 

“That’s the only reason why we haven’t done it yet,” he said. 

But Hastings also noted that Netflix has made it easier for Indian consumers to stream the original shows. 

India’s telecom regulator, the Cellular Operators Association of India, said in October that Netflix could offer a “bundle” option, allowing customers to subscribe to a bundle of five or six of the original series. 

However, Netflix declined to comment on this report.

Netflix also announced on Monday that it would be launching its first Hindi-language series on a subscription-based service, dubbed the “Bundled Service.” 

The service will allow users to watch the first three seasons of “Orange Is the New Black” and a bunch of other Hindi- and Bengali-language movies. 

Earlier this month, Netflix also announced that it was bringing a new series of popular American crime show “The Killing” to Netflix.

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