Hollywood’s Golden Globes: Trump supporters make history by taking the stage in Los Angeles

Hollywood’s Golden Globes: Trump supporters make history by taking the stage in Los Angeles

Hollywood’s annual Golden Globers have long been a showcase for awards show hosts, but in 2018 the show will once again be dominated by a group of Hollywood white nationalists, and their allies.

In a series of events held last night, white nationalists and their supporters marched through Hollywood and the surrounding area chanting “America First,” “White lives matter,” and “White America, white America.”

The group, which has been referred to by some as the “alt-right,” has become the most visible symbol of white nationalism in the entertainment industry and has been one of the main drivers of protests against President Donald Trump.

Trump’s nomination of James Comey to head the FBI was met with violent protests in Los Angelenos, which included violence and arrests.

White nationalists have been organizing anti-government rallies in the city since November, when President Trump appointed former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to be the acting FBI director.

During a rally in Hollywood last night that was attended by many white nationalists who were present, a group chanted, “White Lives Matter,” and held a “die-in” in front of the Hollywood Presbyterian Church in West Hollywood.

One of the group members, who spoke to Breitbart News by phone from a makeshift makeshift camp, was not willing to give his full name, but he told Breitbart News that he was a “white nationalist” who was attending the event to support the “anti-fascist” movement.

He said that a large number of people attended the protest because they support the Trump administration.

“We came here to show the world that we are here,” the man said.

“We come here to make America great again.

We don’t come here for money.

We come here because we want to be free.

We came here for the love of America.”

The group of white nationalists has been active since the election of President Trump, and they have been a key driver of the anti-Trump protests in the Los Angeles area, which have continued since the inauguration of Trump on January 20.

The event at the church was attended largely by white nationalists in attendance, with some wearing white hats.

The group is not only a visible presence at the protest, but also on the streets in the area, where they often set up shop.

Last night’s event was held near the Los Feliz Convention Center, a popular gathering place for the alt-right, which was the largest in Southern California, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A spokesperson for the Los Alamitos, New Mexico, Police Department told Breitbart that officers responded to the protest around 8:30 p.m. local time.

According to the source, officers were deployed to prevent the group from gathering at the convention center.

Officers from the Los Angles Police Department arrived at the scene around 9 p.b.m., and officers “neutralized” the group and arrested at least one person.

Police told Breitbart they were called to the location to investigate a reported “possible battery” by the group.

This is the second time that the white nationalist group has held a protest at the event.

A white nationalist protest group had planned to hold a protest outside the Los Inglese Convention Center on January 7, but canceled after the city was designated a “sanctuary city” by Mayor Eric Garcetti.

As Breitbart News previously reported, several other groups have also held anti-federalist protests outside of the city, including the Black Lives Matter group, the American Renaissance group, and the Traditionalist Worker Party.

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